God Quotes on life

God Quotes on life

Greetings to all my friends, God Quotes on life, as you all know that God is great. You are all free to believe whatever you want. In this nature, everyone has the freedom to choose the path of his life, seek the truth and seek God, and you all will find him.

Today I have brought you wonderful quotes from God, God Quotes on life which will continue to inspire you a lot to become a better believer. May God’s blessings be upon you all. If you like these quotes then do share them with all your friends and family members.

God Quotes on life


“God gives us difficulties to

Bring out the best in us.”


“Never be afraid to

Trust an unknown

Future to a known God.”


“Disappointments are just

God’s way of saying

I’ve got something better.

So be patient, have

Faith and live your life”


“God never takes away

Something from your life

Without replacing it with

Something better”


“God sees your pain.

He will provide you

New opportunities.

Bigger and better

Than before”


“God knows your heart

And is not concerned with

Your words as He is with

The attitude of your heart”


“God gives us

Difficulties to bring

Out the best in us”


“God created you

For a purpose.

Greatness is destined

For your life”


“You will find the prayers

Here will help you find

God’s strength to carry on

Toward personal satisfaction

Despite life’s

Troubles and anxieties”


“Lent and Easter reveal

The God who is for

Us in all of life

For our liberation, for

Our healing, for

Our wholeness”


Inspirational God Quotes


“Lord, down in the

Vale of life,

Build me up to you.

Take away my pain and

Strife and make my brand new”


“Always, everywhere

God is present, and

Always He seeks to discover

Himself to each one”


“God loves you

More in a moment than

Anyone could in a lifetime.”


“Don’t worry about

Other people

Opinions of you.

God never told you to

Impress people;

Only to love them.”


“The Word of God is

Limitless and infinite.”


“Faith in God is an opening up,

A letting go, a deep trust,

A free act of love but sometimes

It was so hard to love”


“God is a circle whose

Center is everywhere and

Circumference nowhere.”


“God will not look at you

Over for medals,

Degrees or diplomas

But for scars.”


“God didn’t bring you this

Far to abandon you”


“Thank God for

All the blessings that

He has given you.”


Famous Faith in God Quotes


“Every time I count

My blessings,

My love for God grows bigger.

And every time I count

My struggles, my faith in

God grows stronger”


“God has given us two hands,

One to receive with and

The other to give with”


“God gave us the

Ability to do,

Not just try.”


“God is love.

God proved His

Love not by His

Need of us,

But by His

Giving to us”


“When God gives you a

New beginning,

Don’t repeat the

Same mistake.”


“Trust that God will

Put the right people in

Your life at the right time

And for the right reasons.”


“Prayer does not change God,

But it changes him who prays.”


“The Word of God is as

Creative and alive as God is,

And continues to impact the

Lives of many, even today”


“There is nothing you

Could ever do that

Would change the way

God feels about you

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