Happy International Family Day-2022

Happy International Family Day-2022


Happy International Family Day-2022 WISHES QUOTES, STATUS, MESSAGES, PHOTOS: On the fifteenth of May consistently, we observed International Family Day. To respect the significance of nuclear families, the United Nations took on this drive in 1993.

Formally known as the International Day of Families, this day gives an opportunity to expand attention to issues influencing families. It likewise gives a superior comprehension of the financial and segment processes that impact families.

As a social unit, the family assumes an extraordinary part in associating people with the bigger society. To recognize the distinction, this year, the topic of International Family Day will feature “Families and Urbanization” to bring issues to light of the significance of maintainable, family-accommodating metropolitan approaches.

Send your dear ones Happy World Family Day wishes as greetings on Facebook and Whatsapp. We have a collection of International Day of Families Messages, greetings, International family Day wishes, quotes, and Family day msgs loaded with love and affection for your loved ones. Celebrate this International Family Day 2022 with the best of warm wishes and International Day of Families messages.

Happy International Family Day-2022

A family is like a team.

All its members have their roles.

I hope that our team is the

strongest team ever.

!!Happy International Family Day-2022!!


A day with family – is the best day!

For all families, I want to say

appreciate what you have

Happy and funny family day!

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I’m so very happy that

God blessed me with you.

Happy International Day of Families.

Happy International Family Day-2022

Family is always by our side,

no matter what comes.

Happy Family Day!

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I respect you, I cherish you.

I love you. Thank you for

letting me be a part of the

the best family in the world.


Family is a great blessing from God.

Keep it safe. Happy Family Day!


“The most important thing in

the world is family and love.”




I feel glad to call you my family.

Getting to celebrate this day with

you is nothing but a pure

blessing from God.

!!Happy family day!!


We will always be by

your side no matter

what the situation is.

Love you so much,

!!Happy family day!!

Happy International Family Day

“Family is the most

important thing in

life, everything I do, my

biggest achievements

and successes are for you.

Blessed to have a family”


A Happy Family is an important

pillar of a happy society.

Let the families come together

and spread peace and love.

Happy International Day of Families.


Family is like your first school

and your family members

are your first teachers…..

Make sure you learn the most

from your loved ones and

live a happier life….

Warm wishes on the occasion of

International Family Day

to you and your family.

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Inspirational Family Quotes


“My family is my life, and

everything else comes second

as far as what’s important to me.”


“A happy family is but

earlier heaven.”

“The family is the test of freedom

because the family is the only

the thing that the free man makes

for himself and by himself.”

Happy International Family Day-2022

“Think of your family today

and every day thereafter,

don’t let the busy world of today

keep you from showing how

much you love and

appreciate your family.”

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