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Lifetime quotes– Friends, today we have brought some best quotes on life. Life is a beautiful gift given by God. There is happiness and sorrow in life; this is life. We should live life well.

One should live in love with all people because all these people are also created by the same God who created you. Life sees you the way you look at life. Lifetime quotes So always keep a positive attitude towards life. Only then will you be able to lead a good life.

A person with negative thinking sees everything negatively in life. Because you become what you think, here are some of the best thoughts about the lives of the best people that we are sharing with you. So let’s read some good life quotes in life quotes and life status in Hindi! Reading them can change your attitude towards life.

Lifetime quotes Always take your life towards a goal, don’t waste it in vain things, life is precious, won’t get it again. Always do good things in life, do good deeds which will make your life happy and you become a successful person in life.

Lifetime-quotes 2022

“Everyone says don’t judge me,

But everyone does.”


“If you want to kill something,

Kill demon inside you.”


“Life has two shades

The second one starts

When we realize

We have one.”


“Understanding oneself is the

A most difficult task in the world.”

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“Be a person who can see

The soul of others, not the face.”


“I believe we are here on the

planet Earth to live,

grow up and do what we can to

make this world a better place

for all people to enjoy freedom.”


“Life is the first impression.

You get one shot at it.

Make it everlasting.”

lifetime quotes

“This has been my life;

I found it worth living.”

Life Quotes 2022


“Every moment of life is precious

and can never happen again.”

Life is precious, and when

you’ve lost a lot of people,

you realize each day is a gift.”

“Enjoy every moment you have.

Because in life, there are no

rewinds, only flashbacks.”

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“Life is what happens when

you’re busy making other plans.”

Life Time Quotes 2022

“Life is like a coin.

You can spend it

any way you wish,

but you only spend it once.”

“Good friends, good books,

and a sleepy conscience:

this is the ideal life.”

“Live as if you were

to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were

to live forever.”

“Living an experience,

a particular fate,

is accepting it fully.”

“Life doesn’t require

that we are the best,

only that we try our best.”

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