Inspirational God Quotes

Inspirational God Quotes

Greetings to all my friends, as you all know that God is great. Inspirational God Quotes. You are all free to believe whatever you want. In this nature, everyone has the freedom to choose the path of his life, seek the truth and seek God, and you all will find him.

Today I have brought you wonderful quotes from God, which will continue to inspire you a lot to become a better believer. Inspirational God Quotes. May God’s blessings be upon you all. If you like these quotes then do share them with all your friends and family members.

Inspirational God Quotes

“When I wake up every morning,

I thank God for the new day.”


“God gave us the gift of life;

It is up to us to give ourselves

The gift of living well.”


“I just find myself happy

With the simple things.

Appreciating the blessings

God gave me.”


“Life is good because

God is great.”

Lifetime quotes……….

“Deity will never let us

Down because his

Love is unconditional.”


“ spirit has a bigger

Plan for me than

I have for myself.”


You were meant to be.”


God Quotes on Life


“When God is all you have,

Then you have what

You only need”


“Let go of the

Disappointments and

Setbacks in life.

Hang on to the

The promise of God for

You in the future”

Best Motivational Quotes Hindi………

“God doesn’t give

You do what you want

He creates the

Opportunity for

Us to do so”


“Deity is our refuge

And strength.

A very present

Help in trouble,

Therefore we

Will not fear”


“God is love.

Deity proved His

Love not by His

Need of us,

But by His

Giving to us”

Inspirational Quotes in Hindi………..

“When God gives you a

New beginning,

Don’t repeat the

Same mistake.”


“Trust that God will

Put the right people in

Your life at the right time

And for the right reasons.”


Short Powerful God Quotes


“Faith is trusting God

Even when you don’t

Understand his plan.”


“God has perfect timing

For everything.

Learn to wait for it

Brings him honor and

You the ultimate blessing”

Golden Quotes in Hindi……….

“He who says

I’m alone…

Had never listened to

God who is

Always with him”


“God loves you

More in a moment than

Anyone could in a lifetime.”


“Don’t worry about

Other people

Opinions of you.

God never told you to

Impress people;

Only to love them.”

Inspirational God Quotes………

“The Word of God is

Limitless and infinite.”


“God sees your pain.

He will provide you

New opportunities.

Bigger and better

Than before”


“God knows your heart

And is not concerned with

Your words as He is with

The attitude of your heart”


“God gives us

Difficulties to bring

Out the best in us”

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